When ordering any services on prosmm-store.com and also when you top up your balance, you automatically agree to all the rules.

As soon as the money is added to the balance, it is impossible to return it back to the account in the payment system!!!

Prices can be changed at any time.

You cannot simultaneously add the same link to work on the same services (For example: YouTube Views) while the first or previous task is not completed.

When ordering at the same time for the same link (or delivery of a task when written off before restoration under warranty), we do not guarantee the full scope of work!

Repeat tasks never set the interval lower than the actual start time (for some services it takes 60 minutes, do not set the interval less than the start time of the service for YouTube +24-48 hours, or it will lead to a failure in your order and less revenue)

If you order views (and not only) from us and on other sites, as soon as the counter reaches the mark of the order quantity, the work is considered completed, as well as all guarantees for write-offs are canceled!

When deleting a video (Youtube) or photo (instagram), or any other task, after installing the task, the order is automatically considered completed and there will be no refunds.

YouTube and Instagram can release updates to their platforms at any time. If an update takes place, orders for views, subscribers, likes, and other services may be suspended, as well as recovery guarantees may be canceled, until the service is restored.

If the server (tariff plan) fails, orders can be suspended, as well as recovery guarantees can be canceled.

All speeds and start times of services are indicative and may vary depending on the load of servers both in a smaller and larger direction.

Monetized views (money will drip from them) disabling monetization at the user's own risk (we recommend disabling monetization before ordering)

When blocking an account in our service, the money is returned only upon written request to skype dyx900 within 90 working days!

After delivery of any task, cancellation cannot be performed, only if the link is not correct (for example, you order Youtube subscribers and a link to Instagram)

If the Auto-restore button is abused (clicking on it unnecessarily), the user's account can be blocked without the right to unlock and refund funds!

For insulting or disrespectful communication, the user's account can be blocked without the right to unblock and refund funds

The guarantee applies only to tariffs that are marked with the symbol "G?" (where ? warranty period), orders at tariffs without a guarantee are at your own risk, there will be no recovery when writing off!

For an attempt to cheat when ordering a service for the recall or delivery of tasks without fulfilled conditions, your account will be blocked for always without the right to unlock and refund!

Administration prosmm-store.com reserves the right to cancel and pause orders without explanation.